M3 Smart Band Fitness Tracker Watch

M3 Smart Band Fitness Tracker Watch


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M3 Smart Band Fitness Tracker Watch

M3 Smart Band Fitness Tracker Watch
M3 Smart Band Fitness Tracker Watch
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M3 Smart band wellness tracker step rate counter with action tracker Waterproof body capacities, for example, step counters, calorie counters, pulse, pulse screen OLED touchscreen M3 band

  1. Critical guidelines for charging: Please observe picture number 2 for charging directions, this gadget can be accused of any Ordinary Mobile Smartphone charger/connector (excluded in the bundle) Attachment Area M3 Water Proof Smart Fitness Band With Bluetooth or Heart Rate Sensor, Activity Record, Sleep Monitor, Calor Burn, Rejected Calling, Alarm, Blood Pressure, Message, Usb Char Ing PDAs, bolster tablets and PCs just as help for Android and IOS  
  2. t has highlights like considering capacity that empowers you to get calls and separate it, you can send and get messages through it, however upheld for Android telephones for which you have to download the application is 
  3. Similarity: requires Android 4.3 or above, iOS 7.0 or later, download APP "Veryfit 2.0" from Bluetooth 4.0 or higher, iOS card or other play 
  4. Waterproof dimension: IP67, the industry's ideal. Completely charge the gadget before use 
  5. Battery limit: underpins 70 mAh, M3 water confirmation keen wellness band with Bluetooth or pulse sensor, action records, rest screen, calor consume, rejected calling, alert, circulatory strain, message, usb charging advanced cells, tablets and PC And additionally bolsters Android and IOS.

Item Description 

M3 Fitness Smart Band: If you are a wellness crack and ascertain calorie consume, rest cycle and pulse, at that point the M3 keen band is the thing that you need. This savvy band fills in as Heart Rate Tracker, Fitness Watch, and Activity Tracker. 3 Waterproof keen wellness band with Bluetooth or heart sensor. It is perfect with bluetooth adaptation 4.0 and beneath in cell phones, tablets and PCs and furthermore underpins Android and iOS. Capacities: To interface an advanced mobile phone to a cell phone, you have to effectively associate the present portable through Bluetooth. Snap the Unbind symbol and the band is effectively associated with the gadget. Note: To charge this wellness band, you simply need to associate with charging it, which will be naturally begun. Information Sync: Bluetooth 4.0 Working Temperature: - 10 c to 50c Waterproof: Not for swimming or jumping Standby time: 15 days or more this item proficient Bluetooth utilizes RF flag and custom calculation

Technical Info
Brand Ugar
Model uogar0603019MI004
Item weight 109 g
Product Dimensions 3 x 5 x 3 cm
Battery: 1 Lithium Polymer Battery Required (Include)
Item model number uogar0603019MI004
Yes included in the batteries
No battery required
Battery cell structure lithium ion

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